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About Willy NIKLAS GmbH Apparatebau

Founded in 1973, the company Willy NIKLAS GmbH Apparatebau has been and still is one of the leading manufacturers of liquid treating units in Europe. The medium-sized specialised company NIKLAS GmbH in Mönchengladbach / Germany manufactures continuously working treating units and batch treating units for treating all types of cereals and corn as well as for incrusting rape seed and other seed types.

As a global leader, Messrs. NIKLAS offer their patented Batch-Treatment-Systems with a capacity of more than 30 t/h. There are 5 machine types with different capacities available.

The working range of Continuously-Flow-Units passes up to 30 t/h, with 6 different treating unit types.

All NIKLAS liquid treating units are suitable for all commonly used chemical liquids, in particular, however, for state-of-the-art, highly concentrated liquids used against fungal infections and infestation by insects. Perfect seed protection through environmentally acceptable treating units, their practical design, their simple handling for the operating personnel and the exact, uncomplicated application of all chemical liquids and powders – these are the main characteristics of all NIKLAS treating units.

In addition, Messrs. NIKLAS manufacture all special accessories for seed treatment, such as seed conveyors, sampling devices for cereals, containers, but particularly calibrated electro-pneumatic weighing and bagging units and calibrated gross bagging scales for open and valve bags.

Our Partner, the REITER Seed Processing GmbH & Co. KG offers project engineering and a wide range of equipment for seed processing. Please follow www.reiter-sp.com for more information.

More than 3´000 NIKLAS seed treating installations are working in more than 60 countries.

Willy Niklas GmbH Apparatebau, Dohrweg 55, D-41066 Mönchengladbach, Germany
Geschäftsführer: Georg Reiter, Johann Reiter
Phone: +49 2161 600 31
Fax: +49 2161 601 758
Web: www.wn-niklas.de
Mail: info@wn-niklas.de


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