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Westrup ApS have more than 65 years of in-depth knowledge and experience designing, building and testing equipment for seed and grain processing. Our ambition is to supply our customers with the right solution to run their business optimally. That is why we offer a large range of machines and equipment that can be modified for your specific needs.

Our assortment of machines includes pre-cleaners, fine cleaners, length separators, gravity separators, seed treaters and more, and range from small-scale machines to machines with a capacity of up to 400 t/h. All equipment is manufactured at our factory in Denmark in close collaboration between our engineers, designers and production team. To help you find your machine solutions, we have dedicated specialists for both project management, individual sales and service arrangements, who are ready to provide you with the support you need – from first contact till the machine retires.

Westrup ApS offer equipment for all parts of the processing line in a post-harvest plant.
Our modular cleaners make it easy for you to expand your process line to the capacity and functionality your products require. The Westrup Modular cleaners are designed to be built after your preferences, needs and plant structure. Our large assortment also includes graders, length separators, elevators, dryers and more.
Our small-scale machines give you the opportunity to run a small-scale production, equip your research institute or create your own test center.

Further, we have a strong partnership with Satake in distribution and advertising of optical sorter. Satakes vast experience and expertise with optical sorting equipment is an excellent addition to the Westrup processing line and ensures high quality and accuracy in sorting seed and grain.

Every seed has been subject to its own set of conditions. From the agronomic traits of the field to climatic influencers and the choices made before and after planting the seed. This makes every seed and grain unique and in need of its own specific processing. Cleaning seed and grain to achieve the optimum quality of germination, purity and uniformity involves many processes.
In our in-house test center, we offer to test your seed or grain to help determine how it will react when processed by a full-scale conditioning plant and help us find the machine combination that gives you the best results. This gives you with the opportunity to get familiar with the equipment, so you feel confident around your new machines.

We value our customers and believe in sharing our expertise to guide you towards the best processing configuration. We are flexible in our approach to designing solutions, and we always strive to ensure that each customer has the knowledge required to feel confident in their decision making. We know the customers goal is to achieve the highest possible quality of seed and grain, and our experts are ready to assist you in finding the machine solution best suited for all needs.

Westrup offers a comprehensive range of air screen cleaning equipment for pre-cleaning, fine cleaning and grading for different types of seed or grain with capacities up to 480 t/ha. The air screen cleaners and graders come with many different flow setups; inlet, feeder and outlet options; and customizable screens.

An indented cylinder is used for separating the product by length, e.g. removing broken/short material from the prime product in one cylinder and long material from the prime product in a second cylinder.

Gravity separation is the process of separating the product into different densities. Our gravity separators have a highly efficient air intake with a built-in fan ensuring a uniform air distribution across the entire deck.

The small-scale machines are designed for small scale processing of seed and grain, as laboratory equipment or in research stations. The machines can be configured for batch or continuous processing of small volumes of seeds or grain. Our laboratory seed and grain cleaning equipment has the same functionalities as our full-size machines.


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