The VacQPack solution: a revolution in modified atmosphere packaging!

About VacQPack

VacQPack specialises in bulk-sized modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), a solution for the preservation of high-value agricultural commodities. As a global service provider with hubs across the world and our headquarters in the Netherlands, we are at the forefront of MAP technology and sustainability.

Innovation, partnership and transparency are at the core of our values. With the increasing demand for natural and sustainable quality preservation methods, these principles have led us to develop specialised machinery and bulk-sized MAP materials to help safeguard our clients’ dry agricultural commodities such as nuts, beans, grains, herbs, and seeds.

Introducing the VQPro

At the heart of the VacQPack solution is the VQPro, an easy-to-operate, movable system that brings modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to any location. With its advanced, specially designed software, the VQPro lets you effortlessly configure the perfect modified atmosphere for your seeds, whether manually or automatically.

Unmatched efficiency

The VQPro helps you transform your packaging process and safeguard your precious seed products against moisture, oxidation, and insect infestation during transport and storage. Replacing oxygen with carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2) takes under five minutes, a short-term investment for the long-term gain of maintaining seed quality.

Innovative packaging solutions

In addition to the VQPro, the VacQPack solution includes VacQPack big bags. Designed to meet different needs, we offer both inside liners – the VacQBag – and outside liners, available in various sizes, all featuring our patented gas exchange valve.

Supply chain integration

Our solutions are designed for seamless integration into existing supply chains, making VacQPack your go-to partner for addressing a variety of supply chain challenges. Whether it’s minimising spoilage or ensuring quality maintenance during transport, The VacQPack solution is a drop-in upgrade for packaging and storing products. It simplifies the implementation process, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures long-term preservation of your seed products.

We not only deliver our quality equipment and packaging materials to wherever you may need them, but also ensure that the VacQPack solution brings the envisioned benefits to your business. We consult and train in-house and provide 24/7 support, keeping your operations running smoothly and securing the quality of your seeds at the same time.

Join the packaging revolution with VacQPack, where your seed product’s quality is our mission.

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