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Track32: Advanced Vision-Based Phenotyping Tools

At Track32, we specialize in providing cutting-edge vision-based phenotyping tools tailored for seedlings, ornamental plants, and a variety of vegetable crops. Our innovative solutions cater to a range of agricultural needs including breeding trials, production monitoring, yield prediction, sorting, and anomaly detection. By leveraging Track32’s vision-based phenotyping tools, farmers and breeders can significantly enhance their decision-making processes. Our services not only save time and reduce costs but also provide comprehensive data that can lead to improved crop yields and quality. From early-stage seedling development to full-grown crop monitoring, Track32 supports every step of the cycle.

Seedling Measurement Service: Precision and Efficiency

Our flagship offering, the Seedling Measurement Service, is a game-changer for breeders and propagators globally. This service replaces subjective sample measurements with 100% objective inspection, delivering precise results at a fraction of the traditional cost. It is highly versatile, compatible with various camera carriers such as autonomous greenhouse drones, spraying boom mounts, smartphones, and tablets.

Easy Access with the Web App

Getting started with our Seedling Measurement Service is simple with our mobile web app. Just take a picture with your smartphone, upload it, and our advanced algorithms will process the image. You’ll receive detailed results, including the number of seedlings and leaf area distribution, directly on your device.

Continuous Monitoring with the Seedling Tracker

Our Seedling Tracker offers a robust solution for tracking seedling development over time. A static camera, placed above seedling trays, captures images at fixed intervals. This enables the monitoring of germination and growth, providing valuable insights into batch homogeneity and the effectiveness of various treatments, such as light recipes.

Scalable Solutions with Autonomous Greenhouse Drones

For those seeking the most advanced and scalable option, our autonomous greenhouse drones are ideal. These drones perform regular flights, capturing high-resolution images of seedling trays. Each tray is segmented, and the seedlings are meticulously counted and measured. The collected data can be seamlessly integrated with other software tools, empowering agronomists to optimize seedling performance and production processes.

Integration and Compatibility

Track32’s tools are designed for seamless integration with existing management systems. Whether you are using a smartphone or a high-end drone, our technology ensures consistent and reliable data collection. This flexibility allows our clients to choose the best tools for their specific needs without compromising on accuracy or efficiency. The data can be used in breeding software, ERP systems, or custom-built solutions.

Customization Work

Besides standardized products, we also offer custom solutions. If required, we can develop solutions based on 3D reconstruction, multi-spectral imagery, tailored mobile applications, or specific hardware for capturing imagery. We can also provide custom models that are specially optimized for your use-case, with custom model architectures fully owned by your company.

Consultancy Work

Do you have your own computer vision team but need advice on how to tackle a particular vision challenge? Track32 provides consultancy services as well. We help your developers make the right decisions to achieve optimal results. We not only advise on what to do but also explain why. This ensures that the knowledge base of your team is increased, enabling them to continue development independently.

Why Choose Track32?

  • Innovative Technology: Our state-of-the-art algorithms and imaging techniques set us apart in the agricultural sector.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: High precision at a fraction of traditional costs.

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of crops and compatible with multiple camera carriers.

  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-use web app and seamless integration with existing systems.

  • Scalability: Options available from simple smartphone usage to advanced autonomous drone deployments.

Track32 is dedicated to transforming agriculture with technology. Our vision-based phenotyping tools provide the insights needed to enhance breeding, optimize production, and ultimately, achieve better agricultural outcomes. Join the global community of farmers and breeders who trust Track32 for their phenotyping needs.


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