Symposium ‘Does the value from phenotypic seeds and seedling data extend beyond its original purpose?


Symposium ‘Does the value from phenotypic seeds and seedling data extend beyond its original purpose?’

Wednesday, 27 September, 13:30 – 15:00

Language: English

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Within the intricacies of the seed business, phenotypic data collected during one process, say seed processing or germination testing, is often used mainly for the improvement and refinement of that specific process. But what if this data held latent potential for Breeding, R&D, and Marketing? This symposium aims to challenge conventional thinking and explore the possible cross-process benefits of phenotypic data. Can insights from one stage of the seed supply chain be the missing puzzle piece for another? Join us as we delve into the data interoperability potential and question the boundaries of its applicability. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery, probing the real depth and breadth of value that integrated phenotypic data might offer.

The session will contain an introduction with examples from other industries and additionally various examples from technical suppliers of individual solutions that they can offer.

We like to welcome you to this informative symposium, where we can also exchange ideas about future-proof treated seeds. Reserve the date now: 13:30 to 15:00 on 27 September.

Other industry speaker


Technolution starts in 1987 and works in the mobility, energy, industry, high-tech, big science and high-assurance sectors. Software, electronics and programmable logic are their tools. An inspiring example in this symposium for everyone who works in the seed business.

Speaker: Paul van Koningsbruggen

Technology pitches


Over 1000 data points from a single seed change the production processes and inventory management.

Speaker: Elad Carmon


SeQso manufactures advanced seed sorting and data collection machines that already provide a wealth of seed data. But our sowing machines, used for sowing breeding samples, germination tests and small plant productions have an unlocked potential as well. In our sowing machines, as part of the sowing process, a camera picture is made of every seed. And the location of each seed in a tray is known.

Speaker: Fred Hugen


Track32 is dedicated to digital phenotyping, which involves detecting and assessing seedlings from the early growth stage all the way to when they are potted plants. Our methods include using a seedling tracker, mobile phone, or an autonomous drone to track germination within a tray or multiple trays per batch. Through these assessments, we generate data to subsequently investigate the feasibility of assessing seed quality and potential germination.

Speaker: Florian Tamminga



Effective accumulation of seed analysis expertise and representation of this knowledge in on-line seed databases is performed extensively today. Spectral imaging is key to obtain a rich representation of physico-chemical seed properties. Applications in seed testing, seed technology, optimization of seed production, and genetic resources.


Speaker: Michael Jens Carstensen


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