Symposium ‘Future proof seeds: innovative crop protection solutions‘

Symposium ‘Future proof seeds: innovative crop protection solutions‘’

By: Plantum and Vertify

Thursday, September 28, 13:30-15:00

Language: English

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Last year at the Seeds meets Technology Symposium we concluded there are many challenges for future proof seed treatments and treated seeds. Regulations are complex and getting more and more strict. Commonly used plant protection products lose their authorisations. New solutions are needed to protect our valuable seeds against pests and pathogens.

In this year’s symposium you will be updated on some interesting new solutions for crop protection that are currently being researched and in development.

Mr Jerome Verdier, researcher at INRAE IRHS (Institute of Research in Horticulture and Seeds) in France will tell us more about the work done in the SUCSEED project.
In this project, the researchers examine how biotic and abiotic stresses impact seed quality, in order to manipulate biological mechanisms to damper negative stress effects.

One of the objectives is to understand seed defence mechanisms, which (plant based) ingredients are involved at molecular level, and how to boost these defence mechanisms through plant resistance inducers and priming methods.

Speaker: Jerome Verdier

A consortium of companies and associations run the ‘Groen op Zaad’ (Green on Seed) project at Vertify.
Project lead Mr. Frans Tetteroo from Vertify will inform us about the quest for new ‘green’ crop protection solutions for seed treatment and the development of good testing and treating methods.

Speaker: Frans Tetteroo

The company Vital Fluid develops Plasma Activated Water (PAW) as a crop protection solution for several applications.
Mr. Mark van Boxtel from Vital Fluid will update us on the results of trials in seeds. Moreover, he will address the challenges an innovative company meets when entering the market with a new crop protection method. His experienced colleague Ineke Wijkamp, will participate during the questions.

Speaker: Ineke Wijkamp


Speaker: Mark van Boxtel  

On behalf of Plantum and Vertify we would like to welcome you to this symposium. Reserve the date now: Thursday 28 September 13:30 – 15:00 please register.


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