About SeQso

SeQso is the leading company in equipment for advanced seed analysis, sorting and sowing.

Most of our machines are able to run single seed with high precision and using a variety of technologies based on multi-modal imaging, pattern recognition and AI/Deep learning. But we manufacture also more traditional sorting like sieving and mass density to separate seeds.

Our imaging includes modalities as:

  • Hyper-spectral (NIR / VIS)
  • X-Ray
  • Visual (RGB color, shape, 3D)
  • Fluorescence

The range of sowing machines is targeted to high speed precision sowing for breeding, germination labs and small seed lot production sowing.


Company details

SeQso bv
Oude Apeldoornseweg 37-C2
7333 NR Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
T:+31(0)55 578 5080

The iXeed Precision Sowing Technology

Precision sowing machines (>99% accurate) running at a fast pace, for use in breeding, germination labs and small production lots. Suited for a wide variety of crops, including naked lettuce, root-stock and difficult to sow flower seeds. Able to sow all seeds from a seed lot in one go.

Please contact us, to learn more about the unique features of our sowing technology.

The iXeed Dual Compact Sorter (CF/VIS-Compact)

A compact single seed sorting machine for sorting seed lots on both chlorophyll signal (maturity) and/or color-shape sorting. Suited for a wide variety of crops. Also dual compact variants available for physical purity analysis.

Please contact us to get more information on the unique features of our sorters, found nowhere else.


Marlies Reus & Wendy Houdijk

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