Symposium ‘Seed drying, a key step in maintaining seed vigour’

Symposium ‘Seed drying, a key step in maintaining seed vigour’

Tuesday, 26 September, 13:30 – 15:00

Language: English

Seedling establishment is crucial for a productive crop. Unfortunately, field stress after sowing is occurring more often, related to climate change. Moreover, chemical crop protection is diminished because of negative environmental effects. This makes it increasingly important to provide farmers with high-vigour seeds giving more resilient seedlings. Seed vigour is very much influenced by seed production, handling and storage. Seed drying is an important factor in this.

Drying seeds after harvest is essential for reducing severe quality loss during storage. Both the speed and the drying level will have consequences for the seeds’ quality and shelf life during storage. There are several methods of seed drying and the optimal protocol depends on the crop and the physiology of the seeds during harvest. Optimisation of drying starts at harvest, or even before. Analysing seed maturity is important for this., while a delay in drying can induce unneeded ageing, and an initial too fast or warm drying regime induces damage.

Should seeds be dried toward a desired moisture content or equilibrium relative humidity? What drying systems are most suitable for your crop, its value, your budget and logistics? How about drying after seed coating or priming? Three experts will give their views on creating optimal drying protocols.


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The International Seed academy provides training modules on seed technology, combining scientific knowledge with practical applications in theoretical and hands-on lessons.
Steven Groot ( has gained over 40 years of experience in seed science and technology while working at Wageningen University & Research and is cofounder of the International Seed Academy. In this session he will take a seed-centred view and explain how the physiology of the seeds influences their sensitivity and response to drying.

Speaker: Steven Groot

Rhino Research is a seed technology company based in Thailand, serving the seed industry in Asia. The company developed the innovative concept of using drying beads.
Johan van Asbrouck ( CEO of Rhino Research, has over 40 years of experience in seed technology through his work at different seed companies and with his own company. He is cofounder of Dry Chain Centres in Asia, Africa and Central America to aid farmers in reducing loss of seed and food quality, He is also cofounder of the International Seed Academy, and will showcase the main drying systems, with their advantages and disadvantages, as well as highlighting some common misconceptions thereof.

Speaker: Johan van Asbrouck

Agratechniek b.v. is based in the Netherlands and was established 49 years ago. It develops, produces and sells innovative drying and storage systems for seed growers, flower bulb growers and diverse special products throughout the world.

Jan Appelman ( is the owner of Agratechniek b.v.. He will explain how to optimise drying efficiency and save energy, adequate monitoring and adjusting stepwise drying and the use of a hybrid seed drying system.

Speaker: Jan Appelman


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