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You are in need of exceptional quality seeds. You need your batches of seeds and pelleted seeds to be in optimal condition. In addition to logical ease of use for yourself, you only want your seeds to be exposed to the very best hybrid drying and storage techniques. Seed Conditioning Europe is fully aware of this like no other. This is why we only supply the very best quality. Our new systems also satisfy the current safety standards and environmental requirements.

People at Seed Conditioning Europe are involved with climate and drying technique innovations on a daily basis. We have been focused on drying, germination and storage processes for seeds for over 20 years. This branch of industry was eventually detached from the Boukens Enkhuizen label and is now completely independent. From the Netherlands to Japan. From France to Mexico.

Working with Seed Conditioning Europe means you will be able to benefit from all the ongoing developments too. The knowledge acquired by Boukens where climatising and drying large swimming pools and ice stadiums are concerned has been used for the very latest hybrid drying techniques for the seed industry. The direct advantage of this is that we are always ahead of any developments elsewhere in the market.

We guarantee our quality, reliable service and great accessibility. We can offer you customised solutions. Innovation is our business; there is nothing we would rather be doing. Our people are ready to assist you, also in case of a fault or breakdown.

We have already supplied many innovative solutions for the seed market. We have always managed to keep up with the times. Thinking along with our customers regarding their exact needs, that’s where our challenge lies. Customers have become much more demanding. The start of a responsible harvest is all about listening to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Developments have moved on. We are still focused on supplying practical and reliable systems and installations. But there comes a time when you, as a business, need to go that one step further. To supply equipment which can satisfy a need for even better seed quality.

Seed Conditioning Europe is focused on companies which are involved with seed breeding, seed storage, seed germination, seed cultivation and seed treatments. This, in essence, includes the entire seed trade, seed industry or seed sector. Included in this are flower seeds, herb seeds, cabbage seeds, vegetable seeds, beans and legumes and crop seeds. The agricultural industry in need of equipment has certainly also come to the right place.


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