About Niras

NIRAS is a professional, independent engineering agency within the seed processing industry that executes projects and optimizes production and processing facilities. Based on the in-depth knowledge of NIRAS experts regarding seeds and processing techniques, ideas and challenges can be turned into solutions. This expertise spans from the initial concept to a fully operational facility. The focus is on best experiences, innovations, sustainable solutions, and enhancing performance and ensuring operational reliability.
Seed processors face several challenges, including:

  • Ensuring high seed quality and purity
  • Achieving high processing efficiency without compromising quality
  • Controlling pests and diseases to prevent contamination and loss of seed quality
  • Preserving seed viability and germination rates during processing, storage, and transportation
  • Adhering to stringent regulatory standards and certifications
  • Implementing sustainable practices to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact
  • Managing market volatility and demand fluctuations for different seed varieties
  • Keeping up with rapid technological advancements and integrating new technologies

NIRAS aims to tackle these challenges with you, locally and globally, driving changes that have a long-term impact. This includes improving competitive position, reducing environmental impact, and providing a solid foundation for future adjustments.


Marlies Reus & Wendy Houdijk

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Seed meets Technology 2023

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