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A century of experience and a future-focused approach: meet Masterpack Group.

About Masterpack Group

Our expertise is creating tailored solutions that transform supply chains, with a focus on sustainability. We’re revolutionizing the packaging industry with better materials and best practices in fabricating liners and FIBCs. As the go-to partner for Modified Atmosphere Packaging, we’re not just participants in the industry; we’re leading the change.


Masterpack Group is a premier developer of packaging solutions for industrial packaging. Developing everything in-house across our 5 production locations in Asia ensures that we can maintain the highest quality levels. At our very own R&D center in our headquarters in Enschede, The Netherlands, we diligently test, develop, and innovate new solutions and products related to Big Bags and Liners.

Our Modified Atmosphere technology is perfectly designed for modifying the atmosphere inside packaging by lowering oxygen levels to 1% or less. We also monitor and oversee the temperature and humidity using advanced sensor technology. By implementing these controls, we can prolong the shelf life of products from 6 months to well over 2 years, offering a chemical-free method to eliminate pesticides in the packaging.

In today’s global market, the demand for environmentally friendly and efficient packaging solutions is at an all-time high. Masterpack Group is committed to meeting this demand by continuously improving our products and practices. We employ eco-friendly materials and innovative processes that reduce waste and energy consumption.

The scope of our influence extends beyond traditional markets. We serve industries ranging from agriculture to pharmaceuticals, each with unique requirements that challenge us to innovate and adapt. Our ability to develop customized packaging solutions allows us to address the specific needs of our customers, ensuring that they can benefit from the latest advancements in packaging technology.

Masterpack Group is not just a company; it is a global partner dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability. We invite you to join us on this journey, as we pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in industrial packaging. Discover the difference of partnering with a leader in packaging technology and the benefits it brings to your business and beyond.

We are Masterpack Group, where a century of experience meets the future of packaging.


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