Lecture Petkus SELECTA

Lecture ‘Optical Sorting Systems – A Technical Survey

Wednesday, September 27, 10.00-10.45

Language: English

Lecturers: Dr. Peter Thoren, CEO ROEBER Institut and Marcel Wolbrink, Managing Director of PETKUS Selecta

Optical sorters have nowadays developed to indispensable machines for the seed industry due to their ability to sort out foreign material or diseased seeds with ever increasing accuracy where geometrical / mechanical parameters of these seeds are almost identical.

This lecture deals with several aspects to be considered for the main sorter components when developing state-of-the-art high quality optical sorting systems.

The following components and their influence on sorting results taking into account properties of the seeds to be sorted are dealt with:

  • Camera System
  • Illumination System
  • Ejection system
  • Electronics
  • Material Transport: Chute vs. Belt
  • Image Processing System: Hardware and Software

As an exciting outlook, we will present our latest innovations in optical sorting machines that leverage the power of AI. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, these machines can continuously learn and improve their sorting capabilities over time.

With the integration of AI, optical sorters are taking sorting to the next level! Empowering the seed industry to achieve superior quality and productivity in their operations.


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