Lecture WN Niklas

Lecture ‘More than 50 Years of Perfect Seed Treatment

Wednesday, September 25, 11.00-11.45

Language: English

Lecturer: Alexander Kirchherr

For over 50 years, Willy Niklas GmbH from Mönchengladbach has been practicing the perfect coating of every grain with fungicides, insecticides, micronutrients and also the production of pellets or incrusted material!

“The harvest starts with the sawing” is what drives us every day to work with each customer to develop and build a treater that is optimally equipped for them.

Willy Niklas GmbH offers you inexpensive continuous Treaters for simple treating processes and suitable Treaters for treating, encrusting and pelleting processes for every fruit.

The EU decision to save 50% of chemical pesticides in the future has made seed protection even more important. After all, no crop protection measure is as efficient as treatment! We can coat any crop, from Persian clover to field beans, with crop protection or plant strengthening agents in our treaters.

Even complex processes in which several layers of fungicides and nutrients are to be applied are stored as standard in our software.

The needed slurry can be dosed either volumetrically in the form of flow measurement or gravimetrically, i.e. weighed.

The advantage of gravimetric dosing is that 1 gram in the early morning hours at an outside temperature of 7°C is exactly the same as 1 gram in the afternoon at 32°C. This means that the dosing accuracy is completely independent of the existing environmental influences.

Sustainability is not only an issue for you as a manufacturer of high-quality seed, the supply of spare parts is guaranteed for all our machines. Even for machines that are several decades old, most of which are made of stainless steel, we manufacture spare and wear parts at our company headquarters in Mönchengladbach.

We not only manufacture high-quality treating technology, we also supply calibratable electro-pneumatic scales of almost any size, certified samplers for every requirement and flow testers.

We also cover laboratory applications, starting at just 5 grains/batch with our WN 5/00 minimum quantity coater.

If you need help with seed processing, you have also come to the right place.

Our “mother” company “Reiter Seed Processing” from the beautiful town of Landshut plans, builds and installs ALL the machines required for seed processing and works with you to develop the perfect solution for you when it comes to seed processing.

I look forward to a great trade fair and am available to answer your questions.

Lecturer: Alexander Kirchherr


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