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Lecture ‘Your seed technology partner providing new innovative seed technology solutions to the challenges of modern Horticulture production’

By Germains

Wednesday, September 27, 09:00 – 09:45

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Today European seed producers and growers are challenged with producing more from less. Achieving even greater yields, with less harmful chemicals, in ever more challenging growing conditions.

European summers are getting hotter and weather is becoming more volatile. Floods, drought, and extreme heatwaves are becoming a more common occurrence. This is having a detrimental impact on germination and plant health, which in turn is leading to widespread losses. While new breeding advancements can provide plants with certain enhanced vigor, the plants themselves require multi-stress tolerance solutions to withstand the biotic and abiotic stresses of mainstream horticulture production systems.

Germains Seed Technology’s aim is to provide seed breeders and growers with real solutions to these challenges. Enhancing its existing technical capabilities in priming, pelleting, coating, disinfection, and seed health to provide complex multi-dimensional solutions that work with the plant, the soil, and the environment to maximise the natural potential of plants. To achieve the EU goal of having a more sustainable food production system, Germains is optimizing the use of novel bio-stimulants and nutrients to create multi-stress tolerance for crops.

Spinach goseed® is the first of many solutions Germains Seed Technology is bringing to the market. This new product is 100% pesticide chemical free and is technically proven to reduce crop losses from abiotic stress in hot, dry, cold and wet conditions. Spinach goseed® focuses on boosting early plant nutrition during the plant emergence and young plant growth stage, ensuring its success in variable growing conditions. Spinach goseed® should be used all year round to maximise crop performance and minimize losses across the seasons.

Find out more about this at Seed meets Technology in Zwaagdijk (September 26-28) . Visit the Germains booth and / or join the lecture on Wednesday 27th September, at 09:00.

Speaker: Dr. Patrick Butterbach, Senior Scientist Seed Health



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