Lecture Bionomous

Lecture ‘Bionomous – Automating your sorting’

By Frank Bonnet, CEO & co-founder

Wednesday, September 27, 10:00-10:45

Language: English

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At Bionomous, we are building instruments to automate the sampling, screening, sorting and pipetting of miniature biological entities.

The current product we are offering to our customers is the EggSorter, a device that was initially developed for processing zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos, but that was already validated to work with multiple models: from zebrafish eggs to Xenopus laevis oocytes and embryos, and most importantly in the context of this conference: seeds. The EggSorter indeed allows the individualization, screening, sorting and pipetting of miniature entities ranging in size from 0.5 to 2 mm, including seeds. Flower and other plant seeds can be automatically screening in bright field or fluorescence from both sides, allowing to identify in particular the size, some morphological features, or detecting the germination stage.

The device is highly customable, allowing to process seeds of various sizes. Our AI-powered software allows the user to train the device to sort the seeds based on the desired features, whether looking for a specific biomarker or a morphological feature. Once processed, all the samples can be dispensed into Falcon tubes, Petri dishes, multi-well plates or any custom container. The EggSorter counts all the entities that have been processed, labels them, and saves a picture of each of them, gathering very useful data automatically. Some statistics can be retrieved from the EggSorter such as germination ratio or fluorescence expression ratio.

Bionomous is a Swiss company based in Villaz-St-Pierre, in Switzerland. Our products are designed, assembled, and qualified at our headquarter in Switzerland, before being shipped around the world. Our products are already used in Europe, in the United States, Australia and China.

During the Seed Meets Technology 2023, we will exhibit, present, and demonstrate the capacities of the EggSorter to process seeds. We look forward to discussing with the other exhibitors and attendees to explore new partnerships and applications for our technologies, to help researchers and industries working with seeds.


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