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Lecture ‘How to enhance your commercial breeding and seed production success with pollen analysis’

By Amphasys

Tuesday, September 26, 15:30-16:15

Language: English

Speaker: Alba Bernal, Regional Sales Manager Amphasys

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In plant breeding and seed production a lot of different factors impact success. Some of them can be controlled, like fertilizer concentration in the soil; others, like weather, cannot be controlled.

The better we are able to measure these parameters, the better we understand their impact and we can take action and react. At first glance, the relation between pollen quality and commercial impact on plant breeding and seed production might not be obvious – partially due to the unavailability of an adequate analysis method so far.

In this lecture, Alba Bernal presents state-of-the-art pollen quality analysis methods and explains how systematic pollen quality measurements can be performed. She will show which information can be extracted and how this knowledge can be used to improve the breeding process, and to increase reliability and efficiency in seed production. Alba will present case-studies and real application examples which clarify the direct impact of pollen quality measurements on breeding and seed production decisions.


  • how to prevent losses by shipping pollen
  • how to increase seed yield by optimizing female to male ratio
  • the impact of pollen quality on crop placement
  • how to differentiate good and bad pollinator lines for breeding


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