LABOSEM, an independent laboratory located in the Anjou seed production basin, specializes in seed quality analysis, experimental project support, and small seed lot sorting. Established in the 1960s, it is renowned for precision and objectivity, ensuring accurate and timely results for clients. LABOSEM’s commitment to independence guarantees unbiased services, enhancing its reliability in the agricultural sector.

Core Services

Seed Quality Analysis

LABOSEM provides extensive analytical services to assess the physical and physiological characteristics of seed lots, including:

Quality Assessment: Evaluations of seed purity, germination capacity, waste rate, TSW, moisture content…

Advanced Testing: Custom tests for specific needs, such as vigor tests, accelerated aging tests (TVA), and germination under stress conditions.


Seed Cleaning

With over 30 sorting machines and various calibration grids, LABOSEM handles batches from a few grams to 500 kilograms, specializing in high-value seed cleaning:

Complete Sorting: Threshing, quality improvement, and seed calibration.

Specialized Sorting: For high-value, organic (Ecocert certified), and experimental lots, using advanced machines including optical sorters coupled with AI for optimal results.


Research and Development (R&D)

The R&D department at LABOSEM plays a pivotal role in the laboratory’s operations, offering customized analytical and methodological development services to meet the unique needs of its clients. This department is dedicated to supporting clients from the initial feasibility studies through to the implementation of specific protocols designed to address distinct challenges. Key functions include:

Field trial support: The R&D team can accompany customers from the preparation of seed batches prior to trials to the detailed evaluation of experimental harvests.

Germination Method Optimization: Developing methods for new species to ensure reliable crop cultivation.

Sorting Diagram Development: Creating tailored sorting processes for different seed types, maximizing efficiency and quality with the latest sorting technologies.


Commitment to Quality and Independence

LABOSEM’s high standards and independence guarantee objective, reliable results. Widely recognized for expertise, the laboratory offers responsive and customized support to clients, blending traditional expertise with innovative R&D solutions to meet the evolving needs of the agricultural sector.



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