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IVL Climate Technology

IVL Climate Technology has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in recent years in the field of the specific requirements imposed by plant / seed breeders on climate control and has specialized in the design and realization of tissue culture and plant growth chambers (Fytotron) and germ and climate cabinets. IVL Climate Technology comes with inventive and expert advice and offers high-tech solutions for, among other things, seed-breeding companies for agriculture, horticulture and flower seeds. In the field of seed breeding, we manufacture systems that provide optimum results in the seed breeding process through sophisticated climate technology. With decades of experience in cooling and climate control, IVL can call itself a specialist for the Food and Non-food sector.


IVL Germination and Climate cabinets

The well-known germ and climate cabinets from IVL have been available in various versions for many years. The germinators have been specially developed for seed germination and germination tests. The germinators and climate chambers are delivered according to your wishes as custom-made products. All cabinets are built and tested in our own workplace, where the cabinets naturally comply with all applicable regulations. They are ready-to-use and delivered ready for use and have extensive documentation.


IVL Tissue Culture Boxes and IVL Tissue Culture Rooms

After the germination process, the seeds grow further in a breeding cabinet, growing cell or growing room. The cabinets and climate chambers are equipped with shelf cooling. The advantages of shelf cooling are the direct discharge of the lighting heat, the homogeneous temperature and the fact that with this system the lids of petri dishes or other containers are held free of condensation. The rooms can be equipped with different types of lighting, whereby the light level can be regulated separately for each shelf. The cabinets are used for small tests. By using LED lighting, it is possible to offer only those parts of the light spectrum that contribute efficiently to photosynthesis. The conditions must be optimized with regard to temperature, air humidity, air speed and lighting. We provide customization for an optimal growth process of your seeds.


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