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Delivered by water
At the heart of the action of molecular hydrogen (H 2) in biology are the mitochondria. In all higher organism cells, that is, plant cells, animal cells or fungi, the mitochondria provide the energy necessary for life in the form of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

The Hydrogen Technologies Solution
Hydrogen Technologies have produced a nanobubble infusion device that can virtually saturate a gas into water in a single pass, in a relatively low cost, low pressure, scalable solution. This product and the variations that will come from it are expected to have a major impact in the field of Agriculture and its associated industries the world over with regards to the health, productivity and nutritional content of produce, as well as the reduction of chemical inputs, biotic & abiotic stress and disease associated costs.

Delivery Method
The most economical and easiest way to produce and deliver gas to the crop is to use hydrolysis, and to have an on-demand gas production system that is injected in the form of nanobubbles, while utilising the existing irrigation system available where possible.

Mario van den Bree head of research and development will demonstrate on the 28e this system.

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Check www.hydrogen-technologies.eu or email us at mario@hydrogen-technologies.eu

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