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About Esde Makine

Our Business: Seed Processing & Plant Tissue Labs

Since 2001, we have been supplying customers worldwide with safe machinery and installations from our facilities in Karatay, Konya.

Esde Makine Turkey offers a comprehensive range of seed processing equipment and peripheral devices, ranging from simple Helezone Spiralling machines to complex Full Automatic Seed Film Coating Machines.

  • We design, manufacture, and install innovative and customized machines that adhere to the highest standards.
  • We strictly adhere to quality requirements, applicable standards, and regulations.
  • We produce and develop our own control panels and control software.
  • Our machines undergo extensive testing, ensuring their reliability.
  • We specialize in constructing complete installations and projects.


At Esde Makine, we maintain a self-critical approach. We place significant emphasis on the quality of our machines. Therefore, we continuously analyze our processes and make necessary adaptations whenever possible. This is the only way we can ensure the high-quality machines that you have come to expect from us for over 20 years.


Furthermore, we are dedicated to our own Research and Development (R&D) department. We consistently work on developing new machines and enhancing existing ones. Our team comprises professional engineers and agriculture specialists who are committed to innovation and improvement.


Our Brand TissueLab Farm

New Way of Plant Business

Revolutionize the future by incorporating state-of-the-art innovations and technology into the sapling production process for customers.

TissueLab Farm offers cutting-edge and exclusive cultivation solutions that are multi-layered, along with avant-garde laboratories specializing in tissue culture. We provide our customers with a low-risk, secure, and dependable approach to establishing growth protocols and obtaining initial materials.

At TissueLab Farm, we provide all the necessary components to create your own advanced laboratory. Our TissueLab Farm products are compact, fully automated, and environmentally friendly, making them the greenhouses of tomorrow.


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