Symposium ‘Innovations vertical farming all over the world’
And the possibilities in the Netherlands

Wednesday September 27
13:30 h – 15:00 h
Language: English (you can also follow it in Dutch)

Presentation Matthijs Blind
Presentation Enza Zaden
Presentation Jasper den Besten

Part 1: Lectures (13:30 h)
Lecturer 1: Jasper den Besten (prof. New Cultivation Systems at HAS Den Bosch)
City farming results in 26 mln. Hits in Google, high-tech or greenhouse horticulture not even 1 mln. Apparently something is happening. Which are the most important technological development, where are the opportunities and what could be the role for the Netherlands. The presentation will guide you through this innovative horticulture world.

Lecturer 2: Marc Kreuger (Global head innovation Here, There & Everywhere)
The next generation of Indoor Farming
Indoor Farming can become the next step in agriculture. The ability to grow any crop without sunlight needs the combined expertise of climate control and crop science. The independent control of light, temperature and evaporation is required to make any crop grow indoors. This enables the creation of a climate which may be very different from outdoors but forces plants to grow as we wish. Additionally it allows crops to reach higher yields and optimize nutritional value. Marc Kreuger will explain how the combination of technical expertise and plant science can lift indoor farming to the next level.

Lecturer 3: Frans Gubbels and Jan van Kuijk (representative and senior product specialist at ENZA zaden)
Enza Zaden presents the developments in the cultivation of various leaf crops on water worldwide. This takes place both in the open ground, in tunnels, under glass, and without daylight. Besides that, they give an explanation which breeds must comply with these cultivation methods. During the open days, various leaf crops and varieties can be viewed on a hydroponic demo setup at Seed meets Technology.

Lecturer 4: Matthijs Blind (researcher hydroponics Proeftuin Zwaagdijk)
Research news
In this lecture, the research in the floating cultivation of lettuce of the past year stays central. Topics to be addressed include Fusarium fungal disease, enrichment of man-made minerals and the effects of pH on production, nutrient availability and dry matter composition

Part 2: Guided tour trial fields (15:00 h)
Visitors can go on a guided tour to the trial fields, where Enza Zaden, Botman Hydroponics and Industrial Product Solutions will show their trials.

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