logo seqsoOn the ‘Seed Meets Technology’ SeQso presents:

The iXeed Chlorophyll Fluorescence Compact Sorter (CF-Compact)
A compact single seed sorting machine for sorting seed lots on chlorophyll signal (maturity) suited for a variety of crops.











The iXeed Precision Sowing Machine
A machine for highly accurate sowing of non-pelleted seeds in trays (soil, rock wool etc). Suited for a wide range of seeds (including tomato root-stock, lettuce and pepper) and highly non-selective. Eliminates the need for human labour, to correct the empty or double seed pockets. Suited for sequentially sowing of small seed lots.











In every plug a single seed

Company profile
SeQso is the leading company in equipment for advanced seed sorting and analysis. With the aim to improve the quality or characterize your seed lot. Or to select seeds with specific traits for breeding.

Most of our machines are able to run single seed with high precision and using a variety of technologies based on multi-modal imaging or mass density to separate seeds.

Our imaging includes modalities as:

  • Hyper-spectral
  • X-Ray
  • Visual (RGB color, shape, 3D)
  • Fluorescence

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