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Seed Processing Holland presents a.o. seed disinfection unit during SMT

Seed Processing Holland is for more than 50 years leading in developing and manufacturing high quality equipment for the global seed processing industry. We have suitable solutions for all processes, from seed extraction to packaging and we offer more than 150 standard machines divided in 10 product groups. Besides that, we develop custom built machines and are a true one-stop-shop for innovative seed processing. We are proud to say that our machines have been delivered to over 135 countries.

During Seed meets Technology we will demonstrate our seed disinfection unit. To treat seeds against bacterial infections or seed-borne pathogens they can be treated in liquid solutions via a seed disinfection unit. Seeds to be treated are placed in drums in disinfection compartments and this way our clients are able to perform a seed treatment/sanitation process automatically thus reducing labour and human error.

This machine can also be used to imbibe  seeds (absorption of fluid) or as a hot water treatment unit. This disinfection unit consists of two compartments. Each compartment contains a seed drum of 41 litres. By using the optional automatic process, settings such as saving recipes and treating lots in a uniform manner are available.

We look forward to share more of our innovations with you and meet during this event from 26 until 28 September.

For more information visit our website: www.seedprocessing.com