PETKUS Innovations – We supply your solutions

• Improve germination capacity
• Reduce dust abrasion
• Increase cleaning efficiency
• Minimize kernel stress
• Boost processing performance
• Raise economic profits
• Ensure seed quality

PETKUS invented seed technology in 1852 and has since been the living embodiment of Strong Seed and Healthy Grain.

This long tradition and long-term commitment reflects PETKUS’ mission to provide the most innovative machines, best technology solutions and full turnkey projects. All products are manufactured by one source in-house.

PETKUS’ portfolio includes complete seed & grain technology as well as equipment for:
- Seed processing machines/lines,
- Grain logistic solutions & port terminals,
- Feed & flour mills.

PETKUS Innovations – We supply quality 4.0

MultiCoater CM 10 Gravity Table Gmid-ex Fluidized Bed Dryer DF
 Petkus1  Petkus2  Petkus3
•    Reduce dust abrasion and
Heubach values by 50 – 75%
•    Obtain demonstrable target
values of 1 g/ha without using
•    Most homogeneous grain to
grain distribution²
•    Adjusting, controlling & supporting
from anywhere via tablet or
•    Store up to 500 recipes
•    Achieve 99,3% purity³
•    Eliminate middlings with precise
•    Very gentle & efficient drying
•    Most compact design with
extremely small footprint
•    Unique possibility for
continuous, batch or semi-
batch loading

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¹ Study conducted at the Christian-Albrechts Universität in Kiel.

² QuestPro (photometric) analysis.

³ Practical testing at breeder’s site.