Optomachines, located in France, produces since 1999 measuring and monitoring
machines based on image analysis for seed counting, seed measurements, sorting and high-throughput phenotyping.
The devices allow plant breeders, seed researchers and seed producers to work in a reliable and fast way, and to allocate the saved time for research work.

From our product range, our best seller, the seed counting & TSW machine, Opto Agri, will be available for demonstrations.

This equipment allows also to measure seed biometry and leaf area. The model presented will be programmed for counting and measuring also small seeds like vegetables, forrage or flours.





The advantages of the Opto Agri:

– Counting and simultaneous thousand seed weight, so no risk of mixing samples (Opto Agri counts what it weights)
– Rapidity: result in 5 seconds on 3000 of colza seeds for example, etc…
– Easy to use: no adjustment required between two species, all is pre-programmed
– Solid and reliable, easy maintenance
– All results (and images) are automatically saved and are exploitable with a spreadsheet.

The equipment is available now with an automatic feeder, which allows measuring TSW automatically online during seed production.
During the exhibition our complete product range for agronomy will be also presented.

The laboratory grain classifier is able to sort finely, with different wavelengths, by form, colour and different parameters small quantities of seeds. Our phenotyping robot line is designed for producing a high quantity of data on seed samples up to 4 kg: weight, TSW, biometry, proteins, specific weight, etc… in a cycle of 3 minutes.

We will be pleased to give you more details on our booth.