LetsGrow.com is the online platform for registration and analysis of all climate and management information within the horticulture industry. The combination of data from climate computers, sensors, plant growth and images, makes LetsGrow.com the most powerful tool for both the floral as the vegetable growers.

Since the year 2000, LetsGrow.com collects data from all different sources like climate computers (all brands), sensors, labor software and data from all kind of machines. We create value to the collected data by adding our own smart solutions and with solutions from external companies like growth advisors and researchers. The combination of the added value and a very clear presentation in the portal of LetsGrow.com makes it possible for the grower to support his decisions on independent data. This creates the opportunity to improve the results even more.

It is possible to use the LetsGrow.com platform in many different ways. Companies with multiple locations use our platform to analyze their own data. LetsGrow.com provides the owner, director and grower the right tools to improve the results of the company. The second way to use LetsGrow.com is to share and compare your data with other growers. To compare and learn from each other the growing results will improve also. A third way to use LetsGrow.com is for crop advisors and researchers. For these professionals it is possible to look, see, and check what is happening on site from a distance. With the use of our smart solutions they can also give support from a distance combined with visits on site.

LetsGrow.com is the online platform for all professionals who work in the horticulture. By bringing all these professionals together on one platform it is possible to learn and improve while the grower is in control over the data!

More information?
Check www.letsgrow.com or email us at info@letsgrow.com.