The GERMINATION SCANALYZER measures time, percentage, and homogeneity of germination by analyzing images of moistened seeds over time. Taking the emergence of roots from the seed as an indicator, image processing software can determine the progress of germination. From this information we can derive timing and percentage of seeds germinated and also assess whether germination is homogenous.

The GERMINATION SCANALYZER can analyze coated and uncoated seeds of different plant species differing in size, colour and shape and then classify and quantify seed characteristics based on predefined criteria. Analytical germination data is automatically generated.

Seed quality describes the potential performance of a seed lot. Important aspects of seed quality include percentage of germinated seeds, speed of germination, homogeneous germination, vigour, presence or absence of disease, together with the presence of seeds from other crops or weeds.

Analysis of these characteristics can be onerous for seed companies and laboratories. The GERMINATION SCANALYZER saves time and reduces cost while at the same time increasing the precision and accuracy of results.

Every seed with a detected root segment is marked as germinated. To optimize root detection, a number of rules are applied, for example, proximity aspect, region of interest and germination cues.

The length of the root is measured on the basis of the medial axis of the detected root shape. Results can be reported in different formats according to user requirements and statistically analyzed.

The system is modular to match user requirements for throughput and capacity and, if required, can be installed in a climate controlled environment.

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