LabTIE is a young Dutch company which was born from the desire to help researchers in innovative ways, helping them with their research, studies and work.
Think of Speeding up production, Expanding research essays (higher sample volumes within the same time period), increase the return on investment (ROI) or any other way you can think of.
Often we can make a big difference with minimal resources and tools.

LabTIE invents and manufactures innovative production tools.
During “Seed meets Technology” we focus primarily on seed dispensers and our 6-Well Trays.
But we can of course tell you everything about Electrophoresis Tools or interesting processes that we have in development or offer.

An absolute first is the 6-Well Tray.







These productphotos and a visit to our stand is worth more than a 1000 words 😉

Seed, Bead and Powder Dispensers
LabTIE Seed Dispensers are used for the distribution of seeds in or on industrial standard glass plates/trays or petri dishes for research purposes. They can be used for all types and sizes of seeds. Due to its modular design with interchangeable plates and components it is suitable for many different production and research processes. The modular design also makes it possible to easily clean and sterilize the dispenser.
Come see or contact us to hear for which seeds it is used now and how we can deliver a tailor-made plate without extra development costs for you.

Features and benefits:
Productivity Improvement: 60-150x
ROI (return on investment) in less than 15 hours of lab time
Full range of models for different bead/ball/seed sizes and quantities of powder
Besides that we will put effort into increasing productivity and profitability, there are other things just as important.
Putting back the smile on the faces of the lab technicians, by removing mundane tasks and allowing them to spend more time on what is essential, is one of them.

And it’s a fact that this does not only please them, it makes all those involved happy.
A research or manufacturing process which becomes Faster, Broader and easier but is especially Cheaper, is a proposal to which you can not say No.







In brief:
We increase productivity.
We increase the return on investment.
We increase staff job satisfaction.
We reduce costs.














Our shared culture
At LabTIE, we believe in simplicity and solving problems by thinking out of the box.
At LabTIE, we continually learn, share and move forward.
At LabTIE, we are open individuals, active listeners and believers in treating each other as equals.
At LabTIE, we know how to recognize our strengths, our weaknesses and laugh at ourselves while we celebrate our victories.
At LabTIE, we do our utmost to honor commitments through our actions and initiatives.
At LabTIE, we know that long-lasting companies are those that make their customers happy.