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Fytagoras is a research and innovation company based on a strong basic and applied knowledge experience within a broad knowledge infrastructure. To guarantee continuous update in the relevant science fields the location and connections of Fytagoras and its scientists are of prime importance. Fytagoras laboratories are located already for over 20 years within the Institute of Biology of Leiden University, the Netherlands.

With over 20 years history of seed research at Fytagoras a strong knowledge base for shaping innovations and applications in seed science and technology is guaranteed. In cooperation with different partners, both from industry and academia, the acquired knowledge not only resulted in a vast number of scientific publications (>40) but in innovative seed technology equipment, practical procedures and patents as well.

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Fytagoras presents at “Seeds meet Technology”

The GrowWatch harmonizes and optimizes seed production
With Concepts of Fytagoras you do have access to customized solutions and unique concepts. One of the concepts developed by Fytagoras is the GrowWatch for seed production. A revolutionary concept that improves and harmonises seed production at different production sites!

GrowWatch proves itself
GrowWatch means more than sensors and software. In this concept you monitor all your production locations from your office and learn to analyze all relevant data. An experienced consultant helps you to analyze the measurements of your crop and provides you with useful advice.

What happens in your seed production?
Progressing techniques and smart software enables nowadays careful crop monitoring.  The production of seeds requires great cultivation skills to achieve both high quality seeds and high yields. Specially the final quality of seeds is sensitive to the growth and plant conditions during seed development and maturation. Insight into the plant conditions at the productions sites will greatly help to improve quality and harmonization of the seed production process at the different production sites.
Innovation seems complicated, and makes people cautious. Concepts of Fytagoras lifts this cautions, with the innovative GrowWatch concept.

GrowWatch guides you in your own company
GrowWatch is an unique combination of sensors, software, values and knowledge. The concept has been developed in such a way that it can be applied in every greenhouse. The sensors in and around the crop measures relative humidity, CO2, the temperature of the crop, substrate and environment, the PAR light and the photosynthesis. All measured values are transferred every five minutes to the GrowWatch server, of course wireless. You can log in from any computer 24 hours per day having access to the data. Thanks to the smart software all values are presented to you in clear tables and graphs. You can monitor the whole process at your seed production sites and react accordingly to it. Seed quality limiting parameters are detected at an early stage and loss of high quality yield can be avoided.  With the GrowWatch you can positively influence the development of the seeds. Resulting in a higher product quality and a higher yield!

Where are your opportunities?
GrowWatch provides you with more insight in the growing circumstances at  your production sites. With small adjustments in the climate settings you can increase the quality of your seed production considerably. In addition, you can compare and harmonize conditions at different production sites.  With this you can improve your financial results.

Gain from your experience
GrowWatch also offers you sharing data with the seed producers. Their input can be of essential importance. Provided that everybody has granted rights to each other, data can be exchanged in order to compare these, to assess these and finally in order to learn and take advantage of the experiences obtained in practice. A specialist from Fytagoras can investigate  possible common problems in an efficient way. Besides this Fytagoras can watch, upon request, at the growers data and provide advices. This can result immediately in higher quality.