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Fytagoras is a research and innovation company based on a strong basic and applied knowledge experience within a broad knowledge infrastructure. To guarantee continuous update in the relevant science fields the location and connections of Fytagoras and its scientists are of prime importance. Fytagoras laboratories are located already for over 20 years within the Institute of Biology of Leiden University, the Netherlands.

With over 20 years history of seed research at Fytagoras a strong knowledge base for shaping innovations and applications in seed science and technology is guaranteed. In cooperation with different partners, both from industry and academia, the acquired knowledge not only resulted in a vast number of scientific publications (>40) but in innovative seed technology equipment, practical procedures and patents as well.

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Fytagoras at “Seeds Meets Technology”: Seed Respiration Analyzer for testing of seeds

Fytagoras is a research company located in Leiden, and specialized in seed technology, breeding technology, plant natural compounds, and knowledge on horticulture. Besides contract research, Fytagoras is involved in the development and sales of some devices, amongst others the Seed Respiration Analyzer (SRA).

The SRA analysis is a supporter in seed testing. It provides a fast and accurate measurement of single seed respiration during germination. Depending on the species, an analysis takes 10 to 72 hours. The result is an easy determination of dead, dormant and germinating seeds. Measurements with the SRA deliver fast and accurate information about homogeneity, and changes after seed treatments. In addition, the SRA analysis is excellent for determination of differences between (individual) seeds and seed batches in comparison trials.

The SRA is based on optical oxygen detection technology and includes different temperature zones and modern software for machine control and data acquisition. With this technology, a large number of individual seeds can be measured simultaneously.

The SRA comprises several applications:

  • measurement device to determine the viability of seeds
  • simple control over seed processes
  • help for prediction of applicability of priming methods
  • support to breeding programs
  • simple and fast check of seed maturation
  • checking of bacterial and fungal infections of seed
  • homogeneity testing

Fytagoras demonstrates the Seed Respiration Analyzer from September 25th -27th  September on Seed Meets Technology,  at the location of Proeftuin Zwaagdijk.

Seed Respiration Analyzer