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During the Seed meets Technology Flier Systems will present the ProTape Seeder and the renewed Germination vision system.

The ProTape Seeder is developed in collaboration with Kramer and Packaging Knowhow. The unique seeding tape substantially increases the uniformity and yield of the seed crops. The first successful seeding tape tests have been achieved on large breeders’ international trial fields.’ Watch the movie here.

The Germination Vision System has been developed in cooperation with Aris. In order to meet the practical requests and needs, the system has been refined in cooperation with Gitzels Breeding Services. With the advanced vision technology from Aris, uniform and objective grading is realized quickly on cell and tray level. The generated data has a high value for germination reviews and its quality requirements.

More information about the Germination Vision System

At Flier Systems, we feel strongly connected with the entrepreneurship of the horticulturist. We love to see horticulturists grow work hard to make a contribution to that.

With our knowledge of mechanization, automation and efficiency, we support ambitious entrepreneurs in horticulture. Our many years of experience are brought together in modular components which we can configure to a customized machine or system (FL’EX). This creates lower investments and shorter delivery times for our customers. But also complex customized machines and systems are our expertise. With our smart innovations, we offer growers the opportunity to break boundary’s

Our customer range goes from breeders, propagators, nurseries for young plans up to nurseries for pot plants in both vegetable and floriculture sector.

We would like to tell you more about our possibilities and solutions, which contribute to your growth. Visit us at the Seed meets Technology, stand 17, or contact us.

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