Certhon is worldwide active as turn-key developer and technical installer of modern greenhouses and indoor farms. The  innovative focus enables Certhon to fully integrate all systems for year-round, efficient and optimal production of food, flowers and many more, anywhere in the world.

There is great know-how and expertise available at Certhon. This goes all the way back to 1896, so our family company experienced all developments in international horticulture over more than a century. By linking construction, climate, water and electrical engineering to agronomy, Certhon offers their clients the best solutions. Reference projects can be found in large scale greenhouse for flowers, vegetables and indoor farms, to enable healthy, clean and high quality food production all over the world.

Certhon is future driven and continuously invests in knowledge and research & development. That resulted worldwide in among others the development of successful projects such as semi-closed greenhouses with LED-lighting, greenhouses connected to third party heating sources, indoor farming projects for a wide range of research and multi-layer indoor farms for professional growing.

Demand for safe and healthy food, which is sustainable and local produced, is increasing worldwide. This creates a higher demand for indoor growing solutions on a large scale. However, growing in an indoor farm requires other cultivation methods than growing in a traditional greenhouse. As biggest change, compared to traditional growing methods, the outside climate will not affect your growing method, but the (indoor) climate will be defined by the available techniques.

In addition to the successful modern greenhouse and indoor farming projects that Certhon has realized, Certhon has been doing research into the optimization of the technology for daylight-free cultivation for three years now. To develop the knowledge of indoor farming techniques and plant growth, Certhon is doing their own research in the Certhon Innovation Centre. In the Innovation Centre, with eight growth chambers on an area of 240 m2, research is being carried out on a large scale. With the cultivation knowledge gained from this, Certhon can help their customers in the first few years on the right path with growing various crops. Furthermore, trial projects can be carried out to obtain reference figures and this unique facility offers the possibility to show systems to customers. With this, Certhon wants to contribute to the global food problem, in other words: the need to produce healthy, fresh, high-quality products all over the world, 365 days a year.