Certhon, established in 1896, designs and realizes greenhouses, growth chambers for indoor (vertical) farming and greenhouse installations for the international horticultural industry. We are playing a leading role in the glasshouse horticulture sector and continually looks forward. After all, horticultural technology has for decades been solving key issues in the sector relating to energy, water and clean food. Will ornamental and edible crops soon be grown without daylight? What are the alternative sources of energy of the future? And what will be the role of aquaponics? All questions that inspire us daily.

Certhon believes in total solutions. That’s why we have all disciplines in-house to carry out a complete project – from design to execution – fully in line with the client’s requirements. The greenhouse or growth chamber, with all its systems and installations, must be the ideal integration of very diverse techniques. Our specialists coordinate all aspects of a project perfectly to each other to create a profitable project.

With the wishes of consumers becoming increasingly specific, it’s the small things that make the big difference for our clients. Certhon understands that its responsibility doesn’t just stop at the glasshouse or its systems. Which is why we guide our clients from beginning to end in their key choices, up to and including supervision of crop growing. We call the new approach to greenhouse solutions the pinnacle of turnkey, the ROI key.

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