Selecting seeds of high quality
Anadis Instruments presents the Brimrose Seedmeister at the exhibition Seed meets Technology. As seeds are the key to profitable cultivation, checking the quality of seeds is of paramount importance. The Brimrose Seedmeister sorts seeds into different quality categories. Parameters that can be routinely checked are moisture, vigor and hybrid/inbred.

Anadis and Nirvention are currently working on a smart device to routinely calibrate large number of seeds, including small seeds, to match seed quality with spectral data. This enables the high quality and high throughput sorting of seeds. This device is based on a 4030 AOTF NIR from Brimrose in combination with an automated XYZ stage. The new product will be shown at the exhibition.

The Brimrose Seedmeister sorts seeds into different quality categories.

The new device by Anadis and Nirvention routinely calibrates large number of seeds, including small ones.











Anadis: pioneer in discovering solutions
The mission of Anadis, a contraction of Analytical and Discovery, is to provide laboratories and industries with a total solution for any specific application. Ana(lytical) symbolizes the analytical measurement, Dis(covery) the discovery of a fit total solution (analyzer, sampling method and software) in order to obtain reliable and validated results. Be desired a sister company of Anadis, Nirvention, can create tailored sophisticated software. Anadis is in this area a household name in the Netherlands and Belgium for already twenty years.

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