AgriInformationPartnersAgri Information Partners – The IT specialist for plantbreeders

Agri Information Partners is the IT specialist for breeding companies, companies in the Agri & Food sector and certification companies. We help these companies organize key processes in a more efficient, simpler and smarter way.

The ease and efficiency of mobile data registration
For this purpose we use information systems and mobile data registration. This makes it possible to record observations on site or in the field and to process them without any interim stages. We offer standard as well as customized solutions.

Technical knowhow, affinity with the sector
What is our strength? We understand the issues that breeders, certification bodies and Food & Agri companies run into every day because we come from a practical setting ourselves. Agri Information Partners does not only use programmers, but also many experienced experts with a scientific or practical back ground in your field of business.

A pragmatic work method and matter-of-fact attitude
This is what we combine with realistic targets, easily accessible contact persons and frankness about what we can and cannot do. Agri Information Partners has a no-nonsense business culture and a pragmatic work method.