ABZ Seeds

Gourmet Strawberries
Andijk Holland
ABZ Seeds is a company dedicated to breeding of F1-hybrid strawberries. All varieties are dayneutral and propagated by seed. Plants will bloom and bear fruit within 3-5 months from sowing. Fruit production will continue during whole summer into Autumn. ABZ strawberries have a sweet and delicate flavour.

On the ‘Vegetable Trials’ at ‘Seed meets Technology 2017’ event we will show two different substrate systems for protected summer production of strawberries: an outdoor gutter system and a greenhouse gutter system. On this grow system we will demonstrate our gourmet strawberry Delizzimo®  with latest developments out of our breeding programs for commercial summer fruit production.

With our gourmet strawberry Delizzimo® we have created a strawberry with a breeze of summer, grown in the middle of the winter in a Dutch greenhouse. In the variety tour program of the ‘Vegetable Trials’ a visit to our demo trials is included.