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UV-C disinfection of seeds, nuts, spices, grains, and more

About Dinies Technologies GmbH

Dinies Technologies GmbH is a German-based company located in the Black Forest, specializing in
the use of UVC disinfection for a wide range of applications in the food-safety as well as the health
sector. Almost 40 years of experience in UV-C makes Dinies a competent partner for your next

UV-C disinfection of seeds, nuts, spices, grains, and more
At this event, we will discuss and showcase the Naiopur Seed Disinfection series.
Naiopur was designed specifically for efficient and cost-efficient surface disinfection of seeds,
grains, herbs, spices, etc. A disinfection rate of up to 99.9% was confirmed by third-party German

Thanks to our innovative transport technology, the seeds are exposed continuously to UV-C light
and disinfected up to 99.9%. The 360°-disinfection improves the germination capacity and has no
negative influence on the product quality. The disinfection process is 100% chemical free and

UV-C light is a natural component of sunlight, with an important germicidal effect. In this natural
process, the DNA of the microorganisms is changed so that the reproduction of the bacteria is no
longer possible. The gentle and natural process reduces germs by up to 99.9% without changing
the integrity of the product.

Some of the advantages of using the Naiopur:

  • Elimination of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, mold spores,…)
  • Disinfection up to 99,9%
  • Increase of shelf life
  • Improvement of germination capacity
  • No negative influence on product quality
  • Consistency of the product remains unchanged

Visit our stand at Seed meets Technology to see live demonstrations and to find out more about
how our products can be integrated into your production.

Please contact Luisa at social@dinies.com if you would like to book a meeting with Mr. Dinies
during the expo.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Seed meets Technology in September. If you are
interested to find out more about us in the meantime visit https://dinies.com/en/products/naiopur-series/ or contact us at info@dinies.com.


Marlies Reus & Wendy Houdijk

Seed meets Technology
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The Netherlands

Opening hours 2023

Tuesday, September 26 : 9am – 5pm
Wednesday, September 27: 9am – 5pm
Thursday, September 28: 9am – 4pm

Seed meets Technology 2023

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