Seed Production
Agriware offers standard software for breeding and seed multiplication companies to support plant production for breeding and hybrid seed multiplication. This can be for any type of crop like vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants. With Agriware, users can methodically capture the specific knowledge on hybrid production. Consequently, users can plan, register and analyze the seed production of all varieties of crops.

Planning, Registration & Analysis
A user can pre-plan every crop, their handling, and inspection, or raise an ad-hoc production job right during cultivation. This enables people, in the fields or greenhouses, retrieve and update information efficiently, as well as add new data or pictures during the whole life-cycle of the crop. Since everything is centrally stored, users can also analyze the data, based upon standardized data warehouse, using relevant dimensions and key performance indicators (KPI).

Contracts & Settlements
When the harvest is complete, the seeds can undergo a first rough cleaning. Thus, it is possible for users to record the data, directly in the fields or in a central location, regarding the seed lots. If desired, users can take into account the contracts and settlements with external breeders or subsidiaries. Because each step is related to the production job, a full traceability chain of the seeds is automatically created, such that it is always apparent what has taken place, where and by whom.

Mobile Registration
Agriware brings mobile support directly on the field with the specific Agriware Fieldbook app. This app is designed for mobile usage and can be used both online & offline to work on any place in the world. It’s designed around the user on the field with easy controls, logical structures and a clear design pattern. This makes the app easily accepted on the field even for rough and tough users with big thumbs, dirty fingers and few digital skills.

The app will bring all relevant crop & field data to the user based on GPS coordinates or by scanning a location or crop barcode. It’s very useful to see historical information like inspections, photo’s or planting results but it will also show upcoming actions and tasks. Adding additional actions like a scouted decease or extra inspection for flowering is very easy and let your employees work collaborated without the usage of e-mail, phone or text messages. All information and communication is stored where it belongs: at the job on the field.

The most relevant features of Agriware Fieldbook are listed below:
• Crop information per job (male & female, location, plant, etc.).
• Register activity results (sow, pot, plant, harvest, etc.).
• Plan one or more harvest update moments.
• Add inspections, observations and photos to crops.
• Register diseases and pests.
• Assign tasks (to-do) to colleagues or external growers.
• More details are available in Agriware Fieldbook section.