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Cultivating Innovation in Seed Technology: Centor Europe Leading the Way

Welcome to Centor Group – the pioneering force in the realm of seed technology innovation. With centers of excellence spanning Europe, Australia, and the USA, we are at the forefront of delivering a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies for the seed industry. Our spectrum of offerings includes:

  • Microplastic-free film coatings proudly presented through our SeedWorx™ and Ezi-Cote™ brands.
  • Unique powder blends designed for seed encrusting and pelleting.
  • Advanced seed enhancement and analytical solutions.
  • State-of-the-art seed coating technology.
  • Expert consulting, pioneering R&D, and impactful training programs.

Global Vision, Local Impact

At Centor Europe, we embody the ethos of being “globally focused, operating locally.” Hailing from the Netherlands, Centor Europe is an agile, dynamic, and innovative company dedicated to providing sustainable seed coating products and technologies tailored specifically for the European Seed industry. Our product portfolio not only aligns with European norms but is also manufactured locally, ensuring timely delivery throughout Europe. Our hub for innovation and product development thrives in Andijk, while our production hub is located in Ede.

Elevating Seed Coating Sustainability

Centor Europe is committed to addressing the imperative for environmentally sensitive solutions. Our seed coating products are thoughtfully curated to meet the evolving demand for sustainable practices. This allows us to cater to both conventional and organic seeds, with our organic products duly registered on the FiBL input list for organic agriculture across various EU member states. Our Seedworx™ DaySPRING brand encompasses these pioneering products that not only utilize sustainably sourced natural ingredients but also comply with present European standards including the FLUSTIX certification.

Empowering Agriculture through Biostimulants

Modern agriculture necessitates a shift towards sustainable alternatives in seed treatment. Centor Europe champions this transition, offering innovative biological and biostimulant products that cater to the needs of both organic and conventional farming. Our carefully selected microorganisms, sourced from esteemed global suppliers, have demonstrated efficacy in seed treatment, yielding consistent and reliable crop outcomes. Our expanding biostimulant range is designed to unlock the true genetic potential of plants, enabling them to thrive amidst evolving environmental and climate dynamics.

An Extensive Reach, A Global Commitment

As the exclusive distributor of the Centor Group in Europe, we provide flexible solutions that cater to your seed coating and technology requirements. Our footprint spans across Europe from Finland to Portugal, and further afield, either through direct presence or strategic partnerships with distribution companies. This expansive reach underpins our commitment to enhancing agricultural seed treatment practices not only in Europe but also beyond.

Get in Touch

Explore the future of seed technology with Centor Europe. Connect with us at www.centoreu.com or call us at +31 06 51 03 85 33 (o). For inquiries, reach out to us at info@centor-europe.com. Our headquarters are located at Handelsweg 37D, 1619 BJ Andijk.


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