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Reduce defects, eliminate toxins and make seeds safer with Bühler SORTEX, the definitive and original optical sorting brand. With 75 years of experience, SORTEX has time-proven experience in helping brands to achieve high- quality, cost-saving seed processing.

The team here at Bühler is excited to showcase our new portfolio in seed processing, including the SORTEX H SpectraVision and our digital services. We are a multinational plant equipment manufacturer, service solution provider, and the pioneers of optical sorting, recently celebrating our 75th anniversary. As a company, we are committed to the goal of a 50% reduction in the energy used in food production for ourselves and our customers.  Why is the SORTEX H so special? For the H machine, we responded to the problems facing agriculture, including seed production: higher cost of raw materials, climate change, and even mycotoxin contamination, and we completely reimagined how an optical sorting engine could work. After months in the lab, we created an AI protocol that could self-adjust, reducing the possibility of human error, and created a new algorithm to increase the accept ratio and defect concentration by 50%. That’s 50% above our previous models and our competitors, improving the quality of seeds and reducing waste. The SORTEX H SpectraVision is a specialist in seed processing, removing defects like stones, glass, and cosmetic damages, so processors and consumers can access the safest and highest quality seeds. When designing the SORTEX H, we had 3 priorities in mind. Higher quality end product, greater ease-of-use, and connectivity. For the latter, we wanted to create a truly smart machine that could offer data analytics and insights to achieve and sustain peak performance. With an easy-to-understand dashboard, processors can view real-time data. Additionally, alerts help to be informed straight away, allowing operators to respond to faults quickly (reducing downtime and waste) and keep performance smooth and high. As with everything we have designed for the SORTEX H, the digital services are simple to operate and understand, providing essential metrics on performance and sending notifications when irregularities happen in the process stream.
And that’s not all, to be truly connected, our digital services are accessible remotely. That means less operator interaction is required on-site, and processors can keep peace of mind.

We look forward to seeing you,

The team at Bühler.


Marlies Reus & Wendy Houdijk

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Tuesday, September 26 : 9am – 5pm
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Seed meets Technology 2023

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