Symposium Phenotyping outside

Dinsdag 26 september
13:30 uur – 14:45 uur
Spreektaal: Engels

Presentation Bert Rijk

Spreker 1: Bas van Eerdt (director Phenokey)
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Spreker 2: Lammert Kooistra (researcher WageningenUR)
Quantitative analysis of plant phenotypes in field trials has become a major bottleneck due to the large amount of breeding trials that need to be scored and analysed. In controlled circumstances like greenhouses significant progress has been made using image based techniques in high-throughput phenotyping facilities. The next step would be to adopt camera based technology in field experiments, however, a multitude of factors are influencing these observations: light conditions, wind, moisture on leaves, etc. Both ground based vehicles and aerial platforms have been considered for field-based phenomics. To develop these platforms further, additional progress is required on experimental protocols (spatial, temporal, spectral settings) which: 1) optimize the required signal to quantify the relevant trait(s); and 2) which reduces the effect of disturbing factors resulting in robust and reproducible retrieval of trait values including the associated uncertainty. In this presentation we evaluate the usability and accuracy of high-resolution hyperspectral images acquired from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to quantify both structural and biochemical plant traits for large-scale breeding trails. We will specifically focus on the added value of new sensing capabilities and associated analysis methods to characterize plant traits and will show examples for different arable crops.

Spreker 3: Bert Rijk (director Aurea Imaging)
Plant breeding has boosted our production since the beginning of agriculture, but recent years have shown a rapid increase in development pace. Technology is providing amounts of data never seen before. Data in every stage of plant development, on every location in the world, on criteria that have never before been possible to score. Drones are one of the promising solutions when it comes to data gathering, providing a birds-eye overview combined with infrared sensors to monitor every plant on a field. Aurea has developed a hands-on service to acquire, process and analyse data for plant breeders based on drone imagery. This presentation will focus on the practical aspects of drone acquisition for plant breeders and trial companies.

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