Lecture ‘Nano-Particles suspended in the Ultrasound cleaning’ (by Ever Clean & Clear)

Wednesday September 27
14:00 – 14:30 h
Language: English

It is a pleasure to introduce to you our company Ever Clean and Clear Technologies Ltd. (ECC) which is in the business of cleaning agriculture products, especially seeds, from all chemicals and pathogens covering their outer skin.

We have shown that fruits, vegetables, herbs and a variety of seeds can be completely cleaned by using only water and benign suspended nanoparticles under the use of ultrasonic (US) waves introduced into the cleaning vessel. The use of US is based on a unique phenomenon occurring in the cleaning vessel. The high frequency sound waves generated by the transducers mounted on the walls of the container acting as vibrating membranes, create cavities, small bubbles, in the liquid which implode by a very small jet of the liquid and hit the surfaces with a scrubbing power that removes the accumulated junk off the skin. These micro-jets are very small, powerful but harmless as the skin is elastic and can take the impact. So even the most delicate skin is intact by the bombarded surfaces.

This was the case until we introduced our newest technology using ultrasonic cleaning which introduces the hardest inert nanoparticles of very small size, in the nanometer scale which are hard and insoluble, and so don’t contaminate the objects. BUT the micro-jets carry with them upon impacts very small nano hard bullets that increase by orders of magnitude the cleaning power of the process. This new technology we call NPUST (nanoparticle ultra-sonic treatment) has been granted recently the status of a patent! It is a very new development in the field of UST and gives us a great leverage compared to the regular UST. It is a very powerful development and we own the intellectual property protecting this technology.

The new development puts us as the front runner for offering the cleaning of agriculture objects and we think we can capture a decent fraction of the commercial use of UST of produce as well as other fields of the cleaning technology. In our patent we showed also the use of our technology to clean metal objects and any hard substrates. Recently we were able to remove a thin skin of RUST from an iron based surface. It is mind blowing to know that we can do all of that without any chemicals or a rogue polishing means. This opens up completely new venues for using NPUST far beyond anything known on UST.

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