Lecture Data Driven Growing (by LetsGrow.com)

Wednesday September 27
15:30 – 16:30 h
Language: English

Lecturer 1: Andreas Hofland (General Manager HortiKey)
HortiKey is working on data-driven logistics solutions in the greenhouse. Our goal is to design and realize projects in order to collect valuable data. This data is not only valuable for growers but also for the chain in which the grower is operating. HortiKey delivers in this way its contribution in strong fresh-chains in horticulture, with transparent information exchange with maximum effect. We ensure that professional horticulture companies are more efficient and will work safer in the global food production. HortiKey is currently working on the realization of new intelligent systems witch will collect plant information of high crops in the greenhouse. More info: www.hortikey.com  

Lecturer 2: Rene Beerkens (Consultant Hoogendoorn Growth Management)
Hoogendoorn Growth management creates sustainable and user-friendly automation solutions for every kind of horticultural business worldwide. Growth, continuity and innovation are the focus.
Greenhouse Climate Consultant Rene Beerkens is focused on Data Driven Growing. This is done by digitizing Growers experience based on ‘green thumb’ feelings into strategically choosen digital setpoints on the Hoogendoorn climate controls.
To evaluate and improve these setpoint with direct feedback from the plants he uses the climate monitor software of Letsgrow.com.
This monitor software works as a watchdog. It actively checks if the greenhouse climate or plant response keep inside the pre-defined bandwiths. The monitor checks actively the correlation between PAR, Temperature, CO2 and needed humidity levels. This is translated into a daily score. When the score is too low, a notification is send automatically to both the grower and the consultant.  With this notification they can discuss the further optimization of the greenhouse climate control setpoints.
Since a few months crop consultants can also monitor multiple growers on a single screen via an easy to understand personal dashboard.

Lecturer 3: Ton van Dijk (Sales Manager LetsGrow.com)
LetsGrow.com is the online platform for registration and analysis of all climate and management information within the horticulture industry. The combination of data from climate computers, sensors, plant growth and images makes LetsGrow.com the most powerful tool for both the floral as the vegetable growers. LetsGrow.com is the online platform for all professionals who work in the horticulture. By bringing all these professionals together on one platform it is possible to learn and improve while the grower is in control over the data!

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