Bijeenkomst ‘Innovative biological technology for efficient hygienization of seed pathogens’ (door Petkus)

Dinsdag 25 september
Spreektaal: Engels

Donderdag 27 september
Spreektaal: Engels
Duur: 30 minuten

Chemical treatments disappear more and more from the market. With our extensive experiences in in the seed treatment market (PEKUS produces very complex and high performance Multicoaters), we have started betimes a parallel development for biological attack of fungal and bacterial germs, which we will present during the lecture.

The HySeed bio 25 (HySeed= Hygienization of Seeds) attacks very efficiently fungal and bacterial germs at the seeds. Thus, the germination can be occasionally increased distinctly. Comprehensive test results of various seed species with different pathogens (artificially infected, field infected, naturally infected) will be presented in the context of the lecture.

The machine technology developed by us is more than just a simple technology for the attack of seed pathogens. The complex machine technology offers multiple possibilities for an encompassing plant protection. Therefore, in the very same machine the hygienization is performed and drying is included and in addition extensive protections can be applied to the seeds. (e.g. applications of bio-coatings using liquid and/or powder dosages). The presented machine technology offers for customers individual solution approaches for individual requirements.

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