Bijeenkomst ‘Let’s go a new way with optical sorting’ (door Petkus)

Dinsdag 25 september
10:30 uur
Spreektaal: Engels

Donderdag 27 september
10:00 uur
Spreektaal: Engels
Duur: 15 minuten

PETKUS’ innovative technology generate added value for your seed business. Strong Seed / Healthy Grain is our strict commitment to excellence in terms of reduced friction stress, superior sorting results & minimized good seed loss. Preserve germination capacity! Maximize high quality seed output! Streamline processing operation! Apply PETKUS seed processing machinery!

Fine seeds like vegetable seeds, flower seeds, or grass seeds require optical sorting different to what is available on the market. Because of being often very light and having arbitrary shapes, it all starts with the right transportation of the seeds of the OS f-class. With very high optical resolution the tiny seeds are evaluated individually seed by seed. Especially developed for fine seeds, the ejection system clearly separates the very small bad objects from the valuable good seeds. From detection to decision only takes a wink due to the fast software algorithms.

The new way of optical sorting with the OS f-class will be presented during the lecture and shall inspire you to have test runs in our test center in Zwaagdijk, which is just a few minutes away from SMT.

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