Lecture ‘Drone based phenotyping for plant breeding’ (by Vito)

Tuesday 25 September
15:30 – 16:30
Language: English

mapEO is a new end-to-end image processing solution for drone based phenotyping. The online platform allows you to combine world class image analytics and easy to use drone technology to scale up your seed and agronomy expertise.
Join us during to workshop to find out how you can easily collect data of your experimental fields using various cameras and get an objective view of your breeding lines.

Why attend?
Get a live demonstration/training to see how mapEO can make your phenotyping faster and more complete.
→ You are new to drone based phenotyping and want to discover what kind of information can be gathered using this technology
→ You have already used drones for your phenotyping work and want to integrate the into the operational workflow of your breeding programs

What can you expect?
During the workshop we’ll show you how mapEO works, which products can be made and what benefits can be expected :
– How to order your drone flight and phenotyping product
– How automated image processing and analytics solutions generate various image products such as crop health indices, thermal products, plot statistics, …
– How to access and share information maps on the key traits of your breeding lines
– How to combine drone data with field samples
– How to generate plot statistics and export into your breeding program workflow

– Researchers
– Plant breeders
– Agricultural field managers
– …

Visit the mapEO website to discover more and get started.

Video mapEO:

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