Lecture ‘Generation and analysis of big data from seeds’ (by SeQso)

Wednesday September 27
10:00 – 10:30 h
Language: English

Measuring characteristics of seeds is becoming increasingly important for improving seed quality and breeding purposes. Due to advances in sensor and computer technology, several imaging technologies have become available for characterizing seeds.

In this presentation, an automated, modular system is presented for measuring a broad spectrum of data from single seeds. The system can include a variety of devices such as color, X-Ray, fluorescence and hyper spectral imaging devices.
In order to link the measurement data of single seeds to specific traits, such as for instance germination, the system is able to track and sow the seeds in trays.

With a speed of minimal 1000 seeds / hour, a vast amount of data is generated. The system is therefore equipped with a set of big data analysis tools for linking the measurement data to specific traits of the seeds.

The presented system is commercially available for purchase or alternatively offered as a service.