ALPAL in a nutshell

ALPAL is bulk packaging, re-imagined. The first of its kind. A sustainable solution that uniquely combines only the prime features of a pallet, flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) and intermediate bulk container (IBC). Giving you the best of all worlds. The ALPAL’s engineering genius allows it to both stack 6 units high and collapse in a 5-to-1 empty return ratio, creating superior supply-chain efficiency. ALPAL’s 10-year+ lifespan, durability and reusability enable zero waste to landfill and supports a circular economy. It keeps products secure and free from damage anytime, anywhere.

What makes ALPAL unique

The design of the ALPAL is what makes it unique. And unique from two perspectives, namely capability and price. Bulk packaging solutions that have the strength and stability to securely stack generally can’t collapse. Whilst packaging solutions that are able to collapse, lack the strength to stack more than three units high. ALPAL is seamlessly capable of both. Even outperforming competitors who have a singular focus on either stackability (stack height) or collapsibility (return ratio). Why is this unique? It means that ALPAL users can maximise BOTH return transport and storage efficiencies. Doing so with a pallet and bulk packaging solution in one.

ALPAL and seed

ALPAL is the ultimate storage solution for seed. Zero contamination risk. No fumigation or pest control requirements. Moisture resistant. Temperature resistant.  Uncompromised packaging integrity protects eliminates seed damage. Easy to clean. Consistent tare weights. With ALPAL, your biggest asset, is safe and secure all day, every day.


ALPAL is efficient, sustainable, reliable, and innovative; all in one. To explore further have a look at our website:


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