About AgriData Innovations

AgriData Innovations is a growing startup specialised in developing robotic systems and image analysis software for monitoring crops in indoor agricultural settings. From the gathered data we distill metrics such as germination rate, measuring growth, scouting for disease/pests and providing quality control insights. With these insights we are giving higher resolution information to farmers on their crops. This will facilitate more targeted solutions to increase the yield and quality of their product.

Our mission

Our mission is that, with the use of our technology, we will help in satisfying the growing demand for food with a growing global human population. In striving for this goal, we also aim to minimize the use of crop care chemicals on the plants grown, reducing the runoff effects they have on their surrounding ecosystems.

Germination Analysis

The GA-box system (Germination Analysis) counts trays in a matter of seconds in a standardized manner and stores the results automatically. This leads to a reduction in labour costs, better data about your seedlings, more historic data and accountability to customers and suppliers. We have significant experience with Cyclamen since Schoneveld Breeding and Beekenkamp are our customers. Please go to our website to see a video of the system in action.

Monitoring Device for Crops

ADI has developed an MDC (monitoring device for crops) which moves over the crops to collect a “bird’s eye” perspective. We gather information on the crop such as crop height, LAI, bud and flower detection. These physiological characteristics enable the growers to steer their crop production in a data-driven manner. ADI works with industry leaders such as Delphy to make the most from these measurements, harvest predictions and forecasts can be modeled enabling the growers to see into the future.

Together with Royal Brinkman we are busy using the same technology to scout for disease & pests in an effort to digitize IPM. Furthermore, we are taking the data collection equipment a step further. From monorail mounted cameras to fully integrated spraying boom retrofit systems that enable large scale monitoring.

If any of our innovations and technologies catch your attention, please reach out to continue the discussion.

Pim van Geest
Lead Business Development
AgriData Innovations

+316 13 29 55 13

William Simmonds
CEO & Founder

AgriData Innovations


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