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During the Seed meets Technology Jan Appelman is available to inform and advise you on all types of drying installations and their specific controls. Besides the drying there are also other items in the spotlights;

Central air drying

During the seed drying process, a lot of moisture can be discharged using heated up outside air. Unfortunately the conditions of the outside air are not always suitable to reach the desired equilibrium moisture content at the end. Especially now that more seed companies want to receive, store and package the seed with a lower moisture content. To be able to dry the seed quickly and successfully, dried air is needed in the last phase.
The air drying process is an expensive business; this applies not only to condensation and adsorption dryers, but also to the hybrid dryers of energetic interest (combined condensation and adsorption drying). It is not economical to place an air dryer at every drying installation. Continuous drying does not take place at all installations, and dried air is not required constantly.

Agratechniek has developed a principle at which a central air dryer brings the dried air to where it is needed. Various drying installations, Cabinet dryers (static and rotary, conditioning cells, drying tables or packing machines are connected to a central air duct. Thanks to the advanced ABC process the dried air is discharged automatically to where it is needed at that moment.

Seed flat screen sizers

The flat screen sizer installation from Agratechniek has got a large capacity and is flexible and efficient at alternation of species. The operation is fully automated. Thanks to the menus a lot time is saved and pore result prevented. In combination with vacuum transport the sorting can be done 24/7. The machines are low-noise and can be delivered for different fractions; 2-4-6-8 sieve-beds.

Important is the quick and easy switching of sieves when other sizes are required. Also cleaning between two varieties must be done accurate, efficient and quickly. The flat-screen sizer of Agratechniek is constructed with several smart details to make this possible. This makes the installation of Agratechniek very useful when several smaller species of seed needs to be calibrated.
This sizers have the highest capacity in their kind. Continuity of supply and conveyance is therefore of great importance. The tipper with bunker is completely automated; a box or octabin can be placed in the tipper. Only when the bunker has enough space, the tipper becomes active and fills up the bunker. The tipper returns automatically and gives an indication that the octabin or box is ready to be replaced.

Warm-water treatment

The seed treatment with (warm) water, with or without chemicals, is used more and more. For the treatment of seed in bags, Agratechniek delivers special rinsing machines. Large quantities of seed can be treated in special boxes. Agratechniek delivers special basins for this option. In both application processes, the seed will receive exactly the desired water temperature. After the treatment the temperature is decreased, and a lot of moisture is quickly discharged. The additional drying process can then take place (fluidly) with a special drying installation.

Existing drying installations

You probably already have installations to be able to dry seed. Agratechniek has the option to optimise your existing installations. Think of:

  • Automation of existing drying installation with the ABC processor.
  • Optimisation of the installation to improve the drying process of the seed and/or increase the capacity.
  • Adjustment of the installation to save a lot of energy (electricity and heat) without compromising the capacity and the quality of the drying process.

AMS sensor for efficient measurement of moisture content

When using the AMS sensor in combination with the ABC processor, you are able to check the moisture content of the(incoming) seed easily. After the measurement you will receive information directly concerning the moisture contentof the seed and if it complies with the standards. All measurement values are automatically registered and logged onyour PC.

Introduce the AMS sensor into the seed to measurethe temperature and the RH of the air around theseed, and calculate the Absolute moisture content(AH) of the air. Press ‘Start’ and the measurement ofthe sensor is activated.The AH value of the air is compared to the configuredAH value at which the moisture in the seed is inequilibrium with the air (equilibrium moisturecontent). The operator receives information directly to know if the seed has been dried sufficiently,thanks to the color of the LED lamp.

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