About Agratechniek

Agratechniek, established in 1974, is a reputable supplier of drying systems for seed companies. At Agratechniek, we understand the need to reduce energy costs while achieving better drying results. Therefore, we use variable air and heating capacity, Hybrid air driers, and our ABC processor for advanced control.

Variable air and heating capacity

An optimal and economical drying process is not possible with a start-stop button and thermostat. Therefore, Agratechniek developed the ABC Processor to automatically adjust the airflow and temperature to the specific needs for optimal drying. This can lower the energy costs up to 60% compared to a fixed airflow and heating system.

Central (hybrid) air drier

In the seed drying process, the discharge of excess moisture often relies on heating up outside air. However, the suitability of the outside air conditions to achieve the desired equilibrium moisture content is not always guaranteed. This becomes especially critical as more seed companies aim to receive, store, and package seeds with lower moisture content. To achieve quick and successful seed drying, it becomes essential to utilize dried air in the final drying phase.

The air drying process is an expensive business; this applies not only to condensation and adsorption dryers, but also to the hybrid dryers of energetic interest (combined condensation and adsorption drying). It is not economical to place an air dryer at every drying installation. Continuous drying does not take place at all installations, and dried air is not required constantly.

To address this challenge, Agratechniek has developed a solution based on a central air dryer that delivers dried air precisely where it is needed. Multiple drying installations, such as box driers for bulk and individual box dryers are connected to a central air duct. The automated distribution of dried air, enabled by our ABC processor, optimizes the drying process by delivering the necessary conditions precisely where they are needed. Especially near the end of the drying cycle where the seed requires dried air to reach the desired low moisture content.

Upgrading existing drying installations

It is likely that you already have drying installations in place to facilitate seed drying. Agratechniek offers the opportunity to optimize your existing installations by considering the following options:

  1. Automation of Existing Drying Installations: Through the implementation of the ABC processor, Agratechniek can upgrade your current drying installation. This advanced processor enables precise control and monitoring, streamlining the drying process and ensuring optimal results.
  2. Optimization of the Installation: Agratechniek specializes in improving the drying process of seeds and increasing capacity. By analyzing your existing setup, we can identify areas for improvement and implement modifications to enhance drying efficiency and maximize productivity.
  3. Energy-Saving Adjustments: Agratechniek understands the importance of sustainable practices in the seed industry. With our expertise, We can adjust your installation to significantly reduce energy consumption up to 60-65%, both in terms of electricity and heat.

Energy Efficient, Higher Quality, and Faster Drying using Agratechniek technology: Click here for more information.

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